This is the website of the upcoming NordiCHI 2022 workshop “Impossible experiences in extended reality” (Aarhus University, October 8th, 2022) organized by Carlos Velasco (BI Norwegian Business School), Francisco Barbosa Escobar (Aarhus University), Olivia Petit (Kedge Business School), and Janice Wang (Aarhus University).

Extended reality technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) create the opportunity for Human-centered computing to design experiences for humans that would be impossible to create without such technologies. These impossible experiences can both go beyond the laws of physics (e.g., objects falling up on earth) and even being completely fanciful (e.g., visualizing a bear in the Ursa Major constellation).

Given the opportunity to create such impossible experiences, we aim to discuss some fundamental questions such as, what kinds of impossible experiences are actually feasible and desirable to create, for what purpose, and how different technologies can support these experiences.

Many challenges lie ahead for researchers and practitioners, in the fields of HCI, psychology, sociology, and even marketing. Through this workshop, we would like to guide and provide inspiration for research, practice, and ethics in this area.

Key dates and information

Submission deadline: 20th July 2022

Notification to authors: 30th July 2022

Submissions should be made to: carlos.velasco@bi.no

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